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Nousegons Experience reopened the doors of the El Grau estate to fulfill the goal of offering a diverse audience authentic and unique ephemeral experiences. This time, Soraya Martes' yoga took center stage as the headliner.

Days before the experience through Instagram, the Nousegons team offered their followers real glimpses of the different protagonists who would be part of this emotional journey. Additionally, they gave the opportunity to enter a giveaway to gift couples an experience along with a bottle of premium extra virgin olive oil from Nousegons for “Sant Jordi”. As the days passed, they shared a new capsule with the hashtag #MAMACUIDAT, an experience that could be given as a gift and shared between mothers and their children. They had the chance to live it, and the Nousegons Experience team had the opportunity to witness it.

A fullday.

Surrounded by centuries-old olive trees, a day from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm unfolded, featuring premium Nousegons extra virgin olive oil and its health properties, yoga and meditation led by Soraya Martes, infused coffee from Blai of Delsams Café, a balanced meal with local and seasonal products, and natural cosmetics from Dolors d'Agalla Natural. All co-organized with The Aimmia Concept, a company specializing in sustainable and healthy events that also wanted to contribute to this new 5x1 experience.

Participants began the experience at the estate's viewpoint with a tasting of two infused coffees, one from Mexico and the other from Colombia. Blai, from Delsams Artisan Coffee Roasting, was able to demonstrate how to have quality coffee in our homes and how to enjoy the time that coffee consumption deserves.

Next, once their bodies were awakened and filled with the necessary energy, they ventured among the centuries-old olive trees until they reached the most beautiful and historically significant one of all. The "1714" tree served as the setting for a yoga and meditation class led by Soraya Martes, the founder of Svatma Yoga in Lleida, a school dedicated to the teaching of Ashtanga yoga. This was an introductory class where all the participating audience had the opportunity to learn about or practice this therapy and philosophy of life.

From the aromas and a playful tasting session, they delved into the fascinating and unfamiliar world of olive oil and its various commercial categories. The importance of incorporating extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) into the daily diet of each participant was emphasized, enabling them to create healthier dishes. They sampled various artisanal creations with extra virgin olive oil as the main ingredient.

With their minds and bodies focused on a healthy diet, it was time for lunch at the stone threshing floor. Each participant could assemble their own balanced plate. Through a banquet table filled with excellent and locally sourced products, they enjoyed a shared and dynamic meal, full of life stories and unexpected connections.

The day of more than eight hours was coming to an end, but in the most local way possible. With the guidance of Agalla Natural, they embarked on a journey around the threshing floor to collect wild medicinal plants for the workshop on the preparation and maceration of oils with healing properties. Dolors, an expert on the subject, managed to engage the participants and help them understand the importance of natural products in their daily lives. It was a workshop filled with knowledge and learning, perfect for reflecting on how the products and plants from our surroundings open the door to multiple possibilities.

As the title suggests, this was the second ephemeral experience that will not happen again, as making it unique and unrepeatable is the philosophy of Nousegons Experience.

A heartfelt thank you to all the participants because without their intensity, purity, and simplicity, this would not have been possible.