Nousegons Unique | Limited edition

A new concept of Premium Olive Oil, unique and exclusive.
With only 3,000 bottles numbered by hand.

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The maximum expression

Nousegons Unique is the uniqueness of a territory, Arbeca, and the tenacity of each story that has preceded us. The symbiosis of these two elements have created a unique result, the maximum expression of the original essence of Arbequina. A real natural juice of green Arbequina olives. That's Nousegons Unique: unique, vibrant and seductive.

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We are territory. We are past

Each bottle is a recognition of our territory and the people who have preceded us. A territory marked by extreme weather, with very severe periods of drought and/or frost. That today, we can continue enjoying with the Arbequina olive trees that have paid off more than 4 generations, it is thanks to the sacrifice and the perseverance of our ancestors, of those who have gone before us.

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Early harvest

Nousegons commitment to excellence is absolute. Nousegons Unique is made exclusively with the finest selected and manually harvested green Arbequina olives, during the month of October when the olives have a ripening start, and are only transported with boxes of 12 kg. Obtained by mechanical and cold extraction procedures. When the harvest does not meet the quality requirements, Nousegons does not produce.

On the nose


Nousegons Unique presents a lively and luminous aroma of green fruit with floral, almond, nut, jasmine and vegetable creams.

On the palate

Vibrant and seductive.

The amalgam of green notes, nuts and vegetables is integrated by a sweet, a bitter and a spicy that has just conferred the perfect balance in the mouth.