The name

With Nousegons, every second can be unique

In just nine seconds, the tradition, the passion, the territory, the perseverance, the quality and the excellence will flood all of our senses. The origin of this is the result of a thorough family tasting during a winter night, the outcome was the time average of maximum perception of the product.


Arbeca, native land of the Arbequina olive

From Arbeca and of a long familiar olive-oil tradition a dream is born, Nousegons.  A real and special dream, focused on transmitting the original and most exclusive essence of the Premium Olive Oil from Arbeca. Fruit of the recuperation of the family plantation of more than 4 generations.


It is said that the duke of Medinaceli, resident in the castle-palace of Arbeca, carried it from Palestine in the seventeenth century. The promise of a real of billon for every planted olive tree launched its cultivation through the whole region of Les Garrigues.


Think and make different

'The tradition, the territory and the quality define us.

The passion, the perseverance and the excellence characterise us.' - Adrià Dalmau CEO & Founder.

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