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Last Saturday, March 18, 2023, the first fleeting experience "Rita_Nousegons x Meritxell Gené". A unique and special experience that will never be repeated.

A 5x1; five experiences in one.

Surrounded by centuries-old olive trees, a day of more than 4 hours was lived in which there was no lack of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Premium Nousegons, wines from the Olivera winery, cheeses from Formatges Camps and a “calçotada” with seasonal produce and all, paired with the music of the national artist Meritxell Gené.

A life story.

Attendees discovered the roots of Nousegons through aguided tour for the property “A estate that was almost dead, lifeless. And starting from the immortality of all those ancestors who cannot continue with us, it was the perfect reason to recover and give life to the El Grau estate. A property with more than 400 years of history”, commented Adrià, explaining the recovery and sustainable management process carried out to produce a Premium Olive Oil. From the aromas and aplayful tasting they delved into the surprising and unknown world of olive oil and its different commercial categories.

The perfect pairing; product, music and nature.

“The roots of the olive tree that I have behind me have made me revive and feel very alive and this is how I want to express it to you” commented the artist from Garriguense Meritxell Gené embraced by the oldest olive tree on the estate, the sofa and the coffee table in the Rita's ancestor's dining room, a family legacy that the new generations still take advantage of.

The music pairing it was guided by oenologist Clara Griera with three organic wines from the Olivera winery, a social and cooperative project, from Vallbona de les Monges, and three cheeses from Robert, producer of Formatges Camps from El Palau d'Anglesola. The songs of Meritxell Gené harmonized and moved the attendees.

An extra virgin table.

For the first time there was a calçotada between olive trees. “Calçots” and the romesco sauce were the protagonists, but the rest of the local products did not go unnoticed: selection of sausages from Lleida, bread by Carla from Les Borges Blanques, tomatoes of Orlando from Seròs, wines Olivera and the Olive Oil Nousegons Premium.

To end with a sweet and happy ending with “orelletes” and the walnut wine liqueur they marked the end of the experience.

As the title indicates, this has been an ephemeral experience that will not happen again, since making it unique and unrepeatable is the philosophy of Nousegons Experience.

Therefore, living in the moment, feeling alive and exploring every moment that this life offers us should be a necessity. Knowing that this will never happen again, we will surely live it as it deserves, from the intensity.